Advanced IP Video surveillance technology gives an unprecedented level of organization and control over surveillance data and provides access to this information from anywhere in the world. Let our security professionals design a system that ensures you see what you want, when you want.

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High Definition
Image Quality

Custom Install Solutions is one of the top providers of video surveillance solutions in the Midwest.

We specialize in IP Video surveillance which offers superior 1080p image quality compared to other video systems on the market. IP Video systems feature high-definition and multi-megapixel technology which enables network cameras to provide high-quality video images. This higher resolution provides the ability to see more details and have a wider coverage area with fewer cameras. Image quality is a key consideration when designing a professional video surveillance solution. With an HDTV or megapixel network camera, the resolution is at least three times better than an analog CCTV camera. Higher resolution from IP Video surveillance allows you to clearly capture incidents in progress and identify the persons or objects involved.

Mobile Technology

View Video surveillance from almost anywhere on your smart phone or tablet. Custom Install Solutions offers mobile applications that work seamlessly with our video management software (iVMS). Our mobile apps allow instantaneous access to IP Video surveillance footage from almost anywhere around the globe via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections.

With Custom Install Solutions mobile surveillance apps:
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Free Intelligence Video

Management Software

Video Surveillance software built for any small business or enterprise.

This powerful, open platform solution reduces business risk and improves operations. iVMS 4200 fits the needs of all business sizes with the comprehensive selection of hardware, services, third-party software and mobile apps.

Protecting you and

Your Property

Video Surveillance is not only about improving your protection against criminal activity. It is also about providing a secure environment.

Custom Install Solutions offers a scalable surveillance platform, enabling you to:

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Enhanced Outdoor

Surveillance Protection

Outdoor protection is the first line of defense to protect you and your property.

Traditional methods of protecting your properties perimeter, often times is not enough.

Custom Install Solutions surveillance solutions can help eliminate and mitigate threats at the outdoor perimeter so they do not pose a threat in protected area.

Enhanced outdoor surveillance protection is achieved by providing:

More than piece of mind

Professional Video Surveillance

has the ability to increase productivity and lower your total cost of doing business.

With Custom Install Solutions Surveillance solutions:

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Access control is the answer to adding security and control to your business. Protect your employees from unwanted visitors and manage who is entering your business or residence at what time. There is no need to worry about duplicate keys ending up in the wrong hands.
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Control Access at Dedicated Times

Control access to certain rooms, offices or halls within your building. Dictate the time people are allowed in the office, stock room or computer server room. Set permanent restrictions or have timed schedules for access.


Maintain reports of which employee entered which area and when. A variety of reports are available that are both easy to generate and easy to read.
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Access Management

If an employee terminates his/her employment or a resident no longer lives on property, simply delete his/her key out of the system, thereby immediately denying any access to the building. There is no need to worry about duplicate keys in the wrong hands.

Web-Based Technology

Custom Install Solutions uses many different platforms such as proximity cards, codes or fobs, which have taken the place of traditional swipe cards. RFID technology energizes a small transmitter in the card when brought close to the reader and transmits a code to the controller, which analyzes whether authority should be granted for entry. Individual cards can be restricted to times or doors because each coded card is unique to that user. Should a card or person be “locked out” a PC based system makes it simple to control each card by the click of a mouse.
No need to call a locksmith to change all the locks…a large savings for some locations and a saving in time also.

All events are stored for easy retrieval by the user in the form of reports, which can be filtered to obtain specific information in the event of vandalism or theft. These reports even report the attempted use of “locked out” cards. The ultimate in commercial security is a combination of all of the aspects of security into one system, Intruder and Fire/Smoke Alarm, Video Surveillance and Access Control in one package. Integration of Video with Alarm and Access Control can be used to record people coming and going.
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